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Sunday , July 12 2020
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Buy chocolate dates online

chocolate dates online

Chocolate dates online for buy is available through this site. is one of the date palm products made with dates of almonds and chocolate coated. Chocolate dates are well received in the global markets due to its variety and quality. It is possible to send the best quality chocolate sweets …

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Dates almond with dark chocolate price

Dates almond

Dates almond with chocolate are packed in varied and at a great price by Arad Dates Group. Dark chocolate dates are freshly prepared from Iran. You can visit the site for price and product familiarization. How to make dates with chocolate The production of dates with chocolate coating looks simple. …

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Chocolate coated dates online

Dates with chocolate

Chocolate coated dates are new and unique products. Almond dates and chocolate coated date are the best option for teens and athletes. Arad khurma Group, a supplier of varieties of dates with nuts and chocolate. To buy online chocolate dates and know the price of products, please contact us. Chocolate …

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Dates with chocolate buy and import

Dates with chocolate

Dates with chocolate are ready to cooperate with customers by producing new products. You can buy a variety of chocolate palm pads in packages of 150 and 250 grams at reasonable prices. The Arad Date Shopping Center has the ability to offer a variety of chocolate jam dates for import …

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Flavored dates with chocolate covered

tangsir chocolate dates

Flavored dates are packaged in a variety of packages at a great price by Arad dates group. Flavored chocolate dates are new products. The variety of these products has attracted the satisfaction of a wide range of customers. You can visit the site for price and product familiarization. Flavored dates …

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Chocolate covered dates buy and import

chocolate covered dates

Chocolate covered dates are the newest date products. This product is made using fresh dates, almonds, or walnuts and chocolate. The use of flavored chocolate to cover the dates is a great deal of taste for this product. Chocolate covered dates Bushehr province is known as the production pole for …

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Buy chocodates + Iranian chocodate prices

buy chocodate

Buy chocodates in a variety of packages for import to other countries. The price of chocolate dates in Iran varies according to the fluctuation of the currency. Prices range from $ 3 to $ 8 depending on the quality and type of packaging. Contact us to order and buy this …

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