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Flavored dates with chocolate covered

Flavored dates are packaged in a variety of packages at a great price by Arad dates group. Flavored chocolate dates are new products. The variety of these products has attracted the satisfaction of a wide range of customers. You can visit the site for price and product familiarization.

dates with chocolate

Flavored dates

The production of chocolate dates is easy, and it is possible to make it for personal use at home. But in factories producing varietal products, according to the taste and needs of customers. The use of chocolate coating for palm dates gives a delicious flavor to the product. The use of chocolate with different essential oils makes the product more diverse.

chocolate date

The production of chocolate dates is hygienic and fully mechanized. The nucleation and preparation of dates and the placement of the almond brains are carried out among them by special devices.
Chopped chocolate coating is created by passing the jammed dates from the chocolate tunnel. Then the individual packaging of each chocolate date and re-placing in larger packages and cartons, and ultimately sweetening, is done by mechanized packaging machines.

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In this way, a wholesome quality product will enter the market. This product also has the ability to export to other countries.

What are the flavors of Chocolate Dates?

Many suppliers in Iran have offered variety of chocolate dates to different brands. Parsun day, khoshbin and Tangsir brands, for example, are diverse in product and quality.

The Chocolate Tasting Date Producer Initiative uses flavored chocolate to coat the date. The use of a variety of essential oils has created a delicious and different flavor of this product.

Some of the flavors of chocolate dates that are produced and available on the market include:

  • Chocolate dates Nescafe
  • Cocoa
  • Strawberry
  • Banana
  • Milky

Flavored dates

It is recommended by nourishment experts to consume dates with almonds. The amount of vitamin D in the date absorbs potassium in almonds. Continued use of this combination will prevent bone loss and relaxation of the nerves. Hence, the production of a product with the combination of dates, almonds, and chocolate coating can meet this need.

Flavored dates

The amount of calories needed for chocolate dates is also suitable for teens and athletes. Including this product in the diet of this group can help bone growth and strengthening. Contact us to buy this product and send an order

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