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Chocolate covered dates buy and import

Chocolate covered dates are the newest date products. This product is made using fresh dates, almonds, or walnuts and chocolate. The use of flavored chocolate to cover the dates is a great deal of taste for this product.

chocolate covered dates

Chocolate covered dates

Bushehr province is known as the production pole for producing these huge dates. Native products are usually produced from Kabkab dates and other fresh dates. These products include:

  • Date syrup
  • Date paste
  • Chocolate dates
  • Date Cube

choco dates  date cube

One of the famous brands in the production of various kinds of chocolate dates is the Tangsir brand.

The variety of flavors and flavors of chocolate Tangsir has been able to absorb many tastes. This product is manufactured by fully mechanized and sanitized devices. Single-date package also allows for major sales.

Chocopalm factory

Chocolate Tangier Date Packets are 250 and 400 grams. There are 15 packages per mother carton. The sale of chocolates is a minor part.

This brand has the analysis and licenses required for the export of braised dates.

Buy and import chocodate

There are many suppliers of chocolate covered dates in the world. It is also produced in many Arabian countries that produce dates. However, all brands do not have the desired quality and taste.

In Iran, sellers of this product are mostly located in southern cities. There is also the possibility to receive broadcasting agencies in other countries and to send products worldwide.

chocolate covered dates

To buy a lot of chocolate dates, you can also achieve your goal by announcing your order to sales executives. You can make your order at the factory price and in the shortest possible time.

The export of dates is carried out to other countries of the world with the aim of expanding the date market. Iran’s Chocolate covered dates can compete with other similar types in world markets.

chocolate dates

The variety of Persian dates are also one of the advantages of selling this product.

Typically, countries such as Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and some Asian countries, with the exception of target markets, are exporting dates. You can also check out the available products for a variety of dates.

To prepare a variety of dates, you can also contact the seller responsible for selling the products.

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