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Wednesday , May 27 2020
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Buy chocodates + Iranian chocodate prices

Buy chocodates in a variety of packages for import to other countries. The price of chocolate dates in Iran varies according to the fluctuation of the currency. Prices range from $ 3 to $ 8 depending on the quality and type of packaging. Contact us to order and buy this product.

chocodate prices

Iranian chocodate

One of the products based on dates is chocolate dates. This product is prepared using the best and most quality dates and dried fruits. In order to prepare these dates, fresh beans, such as walnuts and almonds, are used in fresh fruits. Also, to make the taste and taste more effective, a chocolate coating is placed on the date. The result is a memorable taste for the consumer.

buy chocodate

Chocolate dates products are packed in packages individually and using metallized and sanitary paper. Then, in casual boxes, 150, 250, 280 and 400 grams envelopes with a stylish and unique appearance are offered for sale. This product has all the necessary licenses and ISOs to export and distribute in the market.

iranian chocodate iranian chocodate

Buy chocodates

You can buy chocolate dates in different flavors and packages by communicating with the sales unit, your order quantity and the target market.
You will receive your order as soon as possible. The Chocolate Dates for export and high tonnage orders are mainly calculated on delivery at the factory.

buy chocodate

Also, for representatives in other countries who are willing to cooperate and receive the sale of chocolate charms, after reviewing the ability to advertise and sell the product by them, a special deal and deal will be made so that they can also benefit from it. As it mentioned, prices range from $ 3 to $ 8 depending on the quality and type of packaging.

Export Chocolate dates

Chocolate dates are considered as reliable indicators in export trends. Its main factor is the globalization of this product. Because the chocolate dates are included in the row of Iranian export products with high quality packaging, with a wide range of commercial textiles and profitability. This will be considered a safe point in the areas of profitability.

iranian chocodate

Typically, countries such as Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and some Asian countries, with the exception of target markets, are exporting dates. You can also check out the available products for a variety of dates.

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