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Chocopalm factory and Iranian suppliers

Chocopalm factory produces the best raw materials of this product. chocolate date with almonds are packed in a new and diverse range of popular products. Suppliers of chocolate dates in Iran have been able to satisfy customers by relying on their many years of experience and offering high quality products.

Chocopalm factory

Dates with Chocolate & almond

The production of dates with almonds and chocolate coating is simple. But using high quality raw materials and how it is made in flavor is effective.

To prepare chocolate, new dates (usually Mazafati, Sayer, and Kabakab varieties) are used. The quality almond bracket is also effective in product shelf life.

Chocodate Suppliers Chocodates suppliers

Using bitter chocolate is suitable for a variety of dates with walnut kernels. In the production of flavored chocolate, the nascent brain is usually not used. Observing these points will help in the final quality and product lifetime. In addition, these items should be considered for the export of dates.

Chocopalm factory

Chocolate and chocopalm with almonds have been taken seriously in the date-producing factories. The customers welcomed this product in the domestic market as well as impressive exports.

Chocopalm factory

Chocolate dates are a product of great use in the food industry. The product is also used for snacks, meals, and for athletes. That’s why we have provided an opportunity to deliver the products you need at a reasonable price.

Chocopalm suppliers in Iran

Suppliers of chocolate dates in Iran. Sellers of this product are mostly located in southern cities. There is also the possibility to receive broadcast representation in other countries and to send products to the public.

Delivering quality products at reasonable prices has helped our customers to work with us. Also different standard packaging of this product is suitable for import to other countries.

Chocopalm factory

Chocolate dates export is common to most Arab and European countries. You can buy the product you need to buy a variety of dates with almonds and chocolate coated with the least amount of time and energy. To reach this goal, contact us and announce your personal information.

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