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Chocodate Suppliers and a variety of new products

Chocodate Suppliers are often in the palm grove countries. They produce the best raw materials. The taste and quality of chocolate dates are very important. Chocodates flavored with almonds are one of the newest products.

Chocodate Suppliers    Chocodates suppliers

A variety of chocolate jam dates are produced in new packaging. This product is of high quality due to its high grade raw materials. If you are looking for a unique product to deliver to the world market and you want to experience different exports, we offer you a variety of dates.

new Chocodate

Types of Chocodates

Chocolate dates are very diverse with respect to the ingredients used in the preparation of the product. Usually, semi-arid or dry date dates are used to produce this product. These figures are more likely to be used due to the reasonable price and date separation capability.

chocolate dates chocolate dates

One of the most popular types of dates with nuts in the export market is its chocolate type. Almonds and Chocolate coated dates, in addition to the hearty taste, have a different appearance and calories. Cooked chocodates are packed in a variety of packages for sale. The use of chocolate candy in a variety of flavors has welcomed customers.
Chocolate dates with strawberry, banana, Nescafe, milk and chocolate taste of new products.

chocolate dates chocolate dates

Special offer

Special offer

Experience new taste and high quality chocodates at reasonable prices

Chocodate Suppliers

One of the palm products is a chocolate date with almonds. This product is made using the best dates and chocolates. Iranian suppliers are ready to cooperate with businessmen all over the world.

In the preparation of these dates, according to the customers’ taste, a variety of nuts, such as walnuts and almonds, are used in the brain. For better taste and more, dates are covered with chocolate. This leaves a memorable taste for the consumer.

chocodates suppliers

The new packaging of chocolate dates has successfully sold it on export markets. The availability of standards for this product will lead to its survival and brand-building throughout the world. Contact us to buy chocodate and consult on the export of chocolate dates.

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